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Embark on a unique language and adventure camp experience! Our proven language teaching methodology ensures immersive learning, leaving students with enhanced proficiency and confidence. Open to day students (ages 1-9) and residential students (ages 10-17) worldwide, our camps offer diverse mornings with sports, arts, and robotics.

Choose from multi-activity options, including sports, arts, and robotics. Afternoons are dedicated to exploring English or Spanish intricacies, unlocking communication and cultural doors. Beyond learning, our camp fosters living – each day is an adventure, promising skill development in sports, arts, and technology. Join us for a transformative experience, creating lasting memories and shaping your future!


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Camp Options

Participants aged 10 to 17 can explore a variety of camp experiences with our three distinct options. Adventure enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the Multisports camp, blending outdoor activities with language refinement for a holistic mind and body experience. For the creatively inclined, the Photo and Creative Arts camp provides an excellent opportunity to refine language skills while nurturing artistic abilities. If your child is a gaming enthusiast and interested in video game prototyping, the Robotics and Gaming camp is the perfect choice. Additionally, we offer tailored options for children aged 1 to 9, with the Nano, Mini, and Mega Camps providing age-appropriate activities.

Learn more about each of our camp options below:

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Inspired Global Camps

As a part of Inspired Education, a prominent network of premium schools across five continents, the International School San Patricio Toledo offers outstanding Summer Camps in Spain. Beyond our local programs, our students enjoy exclusive access to participate in thrilling Inspired Global Camps held in various Inspired schools worldwide, providing a diverse array of activities and experiences.

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Campus Facilities

The school's sports facilities extend over a 4,500 m2 area, which is complemented by an array of other onsite installations, including: 

Two outdoor sports playgrounds
1500m2 Sports Hall with terraces
Science laboratories (Biology, Physics and Chemistry)
Photography Laboratory
Technology and Computer Room
Two indoor fitness rooms
Auditorium with capacity for 300 people
4500 m2 Outdoor Sports area
40 metre Indoor heated swimming pool

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School Facilities And Location

International School San Patricio is a day and boarding school that provides international education for children from 1 to 18 years during the academic year. It is located in Toledo, Spain. A UNESCO World Heritage city, it is renowned internationally for its beauty, culture and historical interest. Toledo located 30 minutes from Madrid.

The location is perfect for students looking to explore Spanish culture and immerse themselves in this unique Day and Boarding school experience with the opportunity to mix with international teenagers, practice sports in our wonderful facilities, and develop arts and creativity skills simultaneously as learning English or Spanish.

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Summer Camp Accommodation

Indulge in the comfort of premium accommodation at the Boarding House of the International School San Patricio Toledo. Our well-appointed quadruple rooms come complete with private bathrooms, ensuring both privacy and convenience during your stay. Beyond the individual rooms, our facilities boast inviting common areas, spacious dining rooms, and dedicated recreational spaces. These communal spaces provide the perfect backdrop for socializing, relaxation, and fostering connections among residents. Whether you're winding down after a day of academic pursuits or engaging in vibrant conversations with fellow residents, our boarding house offers a welcoming and well-equipped environment to enhance your overall living experience.

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Prepare for a thrilling summer escapade for your child! Experience one of our exclusive summer camps. Choose from Multisports, Photography and Visual Arts, Robotics and Gaming, and camps specifically for children aged 1-9 years.

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