San Patricio Toledo


University Entrance Preparation

At International School San Patricio Toledo, we give great importance to university advice and guidance. We have three Orientation experts at the school who guide and accompany students according to their university destination of interest and vocation.

In 4th MYP, the process begins, through the application of psycho-pedagogical tests and individual interviews through the year, with the counselors and the MYP and Diploma Coordinators for a correct choice of subjects for Diploma (+ POP: Individual Options Plan), taking into account their skills and interests.

In addition, 4th MYP students are encouraged to advance their curriculum with suggestions related to activities and summer work to focus on their future university.

As part of the University Orientation Plan, 1st Diploma students participate in the Professional Classroom Program: students enjoy a school day in a company related to their vocational interest and thus enjoy a real learning experience in the world of work.

In addition, in 1st and 2nd Diploma, students have the opportunity to have a weekly session of University Counseling, in which:

- An individualized Plan of university possibilities and interests is ARE prepared with each student.

- Subsequently, an Application Plan is carried out for universities (national and international), materials, requirements and advice on application.

- Visits are received from Universities (national and international).

- Practical sessions are held with students on how to write their cover letters, make their portfolios, etc.

Annually, we organize a College Fair at the school. Every year different universities come to this event at national and international level, to inform students about their programs, access requirements and each student can have an individual conversation with each representative of the different universities.

At Diploma, our students use the international platform Unifrog which is designed specifically for both students and teachers to complete the university application process including tutor references and personal statement completion. Our counseling department works with the platform to give our Diploma students access to bespoke information regarding their future study plans in universities across the globe; the students then prepare their application using this tool with the support of the department, their subject teachers and their pastoral tutor.

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