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We feel a coherent and challenging curriculum is the key to alignment of mission, learning targets, pedagogy and assessment. As such, we are committed to a process of continually reviewing the curriculum to ensure its relevance.

Whilst the Senior School MYP Programme (ages 12 -16 years) curriculum encompasses most of the elements of the MYP programme, we have developed the curriculum to reflect the needs and circumstances of our students and our international context.


Our middle years school is a platform for our students to achieve their academic successes, community and service events, technological events, experiential learning trips, sports, science investigation programmes, arts exhibitions, music and drama performances. Interdisciplinary teaching and learning builds a connected curriculum that addresses the developmental needs of students and prepares them for further academic study and life in an increasingly interconnected world. The MYP uses concepts and contexts as starting points for meaningful integration and transfer of knowledge across eight subject groups.

A collection of related courses grouped into a common category, which together represent a broad and balanced curriculum. The MYP is organised into eight subject groups:

Language Acquisition:
English language Acquisition
French, German and Spanish language Acquisition

Language and Literature

Individuals and societies:
Geography and History, Ethics and Religion



Visual Arts and Music Performance

Biology and Physics and Chemistry

Physical and Health Education

All IB Middle Years students complete a PERSONAL PROJECT during their final year, under the supervision of a school supervisor on a topic of their personal choice. They also take part in a series of Service as action opportunities during each year of the MYP.

The MYP curriculum offer is flexible in its approach allowing engaging, challenging and significant content that meets local and national curriculum requirements. This inquiry-based curriculum explores factual, conceptual and debatable questions in the study of the different subjects.

MYP Approaches to Learning (ATL) are at the centre of the MYP teaching and learning philosophy. Students develop skills to help them ‘learn how to learn’. These skills are taught and developed through their MYP learning experiences allowing them to use, reflect and articulate their own learning process.

Assessment aimed at determining the competency or level of achievement of a student generally occurs at the end of a course of study or an inquiry unit.

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The Middle Years Programme is a flexible programme that also covers spanish national requirements but has a rigorous and innovative methodology. Throughout the 4 MYP years, students will work collaboratively on the subject content within a dynamic environment: students learn the skill of researching related to real contexts with a specific purpose. Through this our students will learn beyond the classroom and continue to learn and grow throughout their lives.

MYP students acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes that are not only needed to achieve good results in the futuro, but also become members of the IB Learning Community.

The MYP cooperates closely with the Diploma Programme which facilitates the transition for students in the continuum of the IB programs. By focusing on approaches to learning, the MYP establishes the foundation for academic success and it will open the doors to higher education.


Pilar Molina – MYP Coordinator

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Middle Years Programme