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Congratulations to our 2022 IB graduates

We would like to congratulate our 2022 graduates for their excellent IB results whose average grade was a fantastic 35.

100% of IB Diploma students have passed the demanding tests, 17% have obtained more than 40 points, 29% have obtained more than 38 points, with the highest grade obtained being a very impressive, and our very first perfect score of 45 points.

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Congratulations to the IB class of 2022 on their excellent results!



We are beyond proud of our excellent IB 2022 results!
Our students worked very hard under challenging circumstances over the 2 years of the Diploma programme.
The IB Diploma represents the very best qualification for entry into world class universities and is a passport to an exciting and aspirational future.
Nevertheless, 100% of our cohort of students sat for and received the prestigious IB Diploma. Our first ever perfect score of 45 points was obtained by a student this year.
What’s more is that our students have obtained excellent results in such a demanding program, reaching an average of 35 out of 45, with a cohort of 28 full diploma students.
We want to thank our teachers and parent community for their support and dedication, which have undoubtedly been a key element in the academic success of our students.
These outstanding results allow our students to access their first-choice universities be it nationally here in Spain or globally.

Congratulations to everyone!

— Simon Hatton-Burke, PRINCIPAL

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