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In the past, boarding schools had a negative connotation in many countries. But the International boarding School San Patricio Toledo is collaborating to change that perception.

Life in the new boarding schools is the opposite of the stressful routine of many children who live outside their school, who usually have to get up earlier than usual to catch the school bus or their parents have to square up to the last second of their agenda to be able to take them to school, to extracurricular activities and to get to work on time. 

Thanks to the pleasant and safe environment that is created in these schools, students can enjoy a good climate in which to develop without getting so homesick. The constant communication between the school team and their families will make the absence of the youngest ones in the house more bearable by having updated and continuous information on their status and progress, both academic and personal. 

In many Latin American countries, the idea associated with boarding schools shares a bit of what is still in Spain, but there is also an alternative concept: that of very exclusive schools which the wealthiest families send their children to in order to get an outstanding education, especially those located abroad. For decades, the favorite destinations of these families were Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Little by little, Spain is gaining the prestige it deserves when it comes to choosing a boarding school in another country. 

Since it opened its doors in 2006, International Boarding School San Patricio Toledo (which in its beginnings was called Tagus School) has managed to become an example and a world reference of that new vision of boarding schools, situating itself at the same level as the Swiss and British schools which have been offering for centuries the most complete and exclusive education possible at every moment. More than an ordinary private school with a residence, we seek to share with the families a vision of the future for their children, so that together we can become the catalyst for change in the Spanish educational system. Since then we have continued to grow every year with new students from Spain and other countries.


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Why boarding School San Patricio?

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The main reasons for our success are based on two pillars: on the one hand, an educational excellence that allows our students to achieve some of the best academic results worldwide, equaling the leading countries in education such as Finland or South Korea. On the other hand, solid intellectual and moral training, with a humanist base that stimulates each student to develop their individual capacities in an autonomous, cosmopolitan, responsible way integrated in the society in which they live.

Because of this, our teaching team gets across not only knowledge, but also important values ​​that prepare them for adult life, such as politeness, acceptance of norms and discipline, but also dialogue, trust and respect for others as well as feeling free to express their opinions with total freedom.

The students of International School San Patricio Toledo are also prepared to face their professional future within a multicultural environment, since they learn English and a second foreign language in order to be able to communicate fluently in other countries, both for tourism and for studies or work.


Another aspect that we consider important is to promote health education. Therefore, following the Latin maxim “mens sana in corpore sano”, our students learn the basics of healthy eating and lifestyle, participate in sports activities (both individual and team), learn to conserve nature and enjoy it and receive sex education and education for the prevention of risky behaviors such as the use of narcotics or alcohol.

In the intellectual field, they strive to transmit to the student good study habits that awaken interest in learning and reading, encourage teamwork among students, introduce them to the use of new technologies as learning tools complementary to the hours of study with material on paper, students are taught to discern between the important and the secondary and they are provided with all the necessary tools to give creative responses to conflicts.

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Los mejores internados en España

Other advantages of our boarding school in Toledo, Spain

Students learn and practice English and other languages

International School San Patricio Toledo is very aware of the importance of speaking different languages for personal enrichment. That is why we favor their learning in a practical way, where oral communication is fundamental, and we prepare the student to live international experiences.

In addition, from the level of early childhood education all students live with the English language in a natural way, have native English-speaking teachers and receive half of the classes in English. Other important languages ​​in this globalized world are also offered to our students: French, German and Mandarin Chinese. The latter can also be registered for by adults and children from outside the school starting at the age of 3.

Multicultural environment in a Spanish boarding school

The presence of students of different nationalities at the International School San Patricio Toledo allows all the students of the school, either residents or external, to enjoy a multicultural environment that makes possible the knowledge of different ways of thinking and living, something basic for the relationships they will have in their future professional life.

High-quality facilities

The students share a room with their classmates, which introduces them naturally into the rules of coexistence and communication necessary in the development of any person. All this without giving up your own personal space: closet, shelves and work and reading table.

As for the common areas, the center is located on a plot of 30,000 m² with a library, theater/cinema, indoor sports center, volleyball and soccer fields, athletics track and two swimming pools, one of which is equipped for aquatic skills.

Exceptional preparation for university

The lifestyle we offer in our school with residence, where discipline and independence prevail, is excellent preparation for the university stage. During his stay at the center, the student not only acquires good study habits, but his interest in expanding knowledge beyond the classroom is also awakened, an experience that will be very useful when he joins the University, where the student is solely responsible for his learning.

Multicultural environment in a Spanish boarding school

One of the maxims of the center is for students to complement their study hours with other activities beyond the academic level. For this reason we organize trips, cultural excursions, ski trips, multi-adventure activities in the middle of nature or water sports such as sailing, kayaking, windsurfing or kitesurfing, which complement those organized within the school.

Ultimately, times change, and with them education. In our boarding school in Spain we educate our students for those changes, for them to become adults ready to live in the globalized and multicultural society of the 21st century.

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The boarding school of the 21st century

International School San Patricio Toledo is considered one of the best boarding schools in Spain. Discover all we offer to provide our students with an outstanding education for the XXI Century.

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