San Patricio Toledo

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main differences between IB and other national systems?

Students are able to take responsibility for their own learning and understand how knowledge itself is constructed. They are encouraged to try different approaches to learning and to take responsibility for their own educational progress.
Our programmes help IB students:

  • Ask challenging questions
  • Think critically
  • Skills based learning
  • International outlook
  • Globally recognised as the gold standard in education
  • Develop proven research skills to help them in higher education

IB programmes also encourage students to be active in their communities and to take their learning beyond academic study.

Although we have a rolling admissions process, we encourage you to apply well in advance as we have limited places available. Please allow three months more if you wish to apply to our Boarding School and you require a student visa.

If you wish to apply please book a virtual visit.


Our timetable is from 9:00 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday. However, we also offer Morning Daycare and extra care in the afternoon (5pm to 6pm for PYP students) with an additional cost.

We offer weekly boarding from Monday to Friday, so that our residents can have an international experience and enjoy their family time at weekends, and also Full Boarding which includes weekends for a full immersion in an academic and personal development programme.

We have 20+ nationalities represented on campus as we welcome students from all over the world.

Around 85% of our boarders come from outside of Spain.

All our rooms are shared by at least three students from different nationalities and years, in order to enrich the experience of our boarders.

All pupils applying for entry to MYP should preferably have a good level of English and Spanish (around A2 for MYP 1&2 and B1 for MYP 3&4) although no official language qualifications are required. All pupils applying for entry to DP should have a B2 level of English although no official language qualifications are required.

At San Patricio Toledo we believe that every student has a different learning approach and thus we create a development plan adapted to their capabilities and progression. That is why we have a Counselling Department composed of three psychologists and a speech therapist to assist pupils along the journey. Thus our students are encouraged and supported to reach their full potential and build their confidence throughout the years with the expert guidance and support of a counsellor

We offer a wide range of Summer Camps during the month of July, which provide the opportunity to enjoy different activities, to learn news skills and make friends for life.


At International School San Patricio Toledo, we welcome International students to spend one term with us as part of an exchange programme or during their gap year, so that they can have the chance to improve their language skills and benefit from the full immersion in the Spanish culture.

We offer several extracurricular activities during school hours and after 5:00 pm from Monday to Friday. Also, we have planned weekend activities for our boarders, which are key for their personal development and contribute to build strong relationships between our boarding students.