Academic Excellence Scholarships

Academic Excellence Scholarships

International School San Patricio Toledo offers every year a limited amount of scholarships awarded based on Academic and Personal Excellence, and financial need.

 ISSPT is looking for the young leaders of tomorrow, young Entrepreneurs, Changemakers and Artists, future Scientists, Engineers, Doctors, Politicians, Diplomats and Inventors, and any extraordinary student that wants to contribute to create a better world for all.

 Scholarships are granted with the intention to reward exceptional talent as recognition of the student’s achievement and efforts.

 These grants consist of a reduction from 30% to 70% of total tuition and full Boarding fees every year as long as the conditions for renewal are maintained.

 Scholarships do not include the following services: books, transportation, uniforms, extracurricular activities, special classes, registration fees or Cambridge University, International Baccalaureate official examinations at the end of 2nd DP.

 New joiners can apply for scholarship at the same time as they start their application process to the DP.





 Deadline to submit scholarship application, the candidate must have successfully completed the admissions process prior to these dates:

- January 31st, 2022

- March 31st, 2022

 -May 31st, 2022


 Only for students that have enrolled as New Joiners in our IB Diploma Programme at our Boarding School. No scholarships available for students joining us for 1 TERM or as part of a study abroad / language immersion programme. Exceptionally, MYP 4 students might be considered under special circumstances.


Outstanding academic results coupled with diagnostic testing through the CAT4 test (reasoning skills) and interviews, excellent student profile and high English level, apart from financial need.

For further information, contact our Admissions Office at: