San Patricio Toledo


Self – Driven!

San Patricio Toledo Diploma stands out because of the strong level of individual care, guidance and counselling offered by our robust pastoral structure, the excellent academic achievements of our students, and the development of skills and attributes through learning experiences beyond the classroom.Diploma students are supported in developing their learning process according to their interests and expectations.

As well as course specifications, Diploma students also develop transferable learning skills and refined attitudes to learning to ensure they are organised, resilient, can work both independently and collaboratively, have opportunities to be creative, and thrive on working outside of their comfort zones.

At Diploma, our school aims to produce outstanding citizens who can make responsible and informed choices; have developed strategies and reserves to cope and face challenges with determination; contribute positively to an ever-changing and challenging world; show tolerance, patience and understanding towards others; and demonstrate clearly defined values, a diligent work ethic and leadership attributes.


All of our subjects and courses are taught and supported by highly qualified and experienced professionals using excellent resources in world class facilities.